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More than ten years of experience in generator installation, maintenance, service and repair have provided the experts from Northeast Generators with the knowledge and insight necessary to provide you with the best generator solution to meet your needs. Unlike plumbers or heating and cooling contractors, our technicians specialize solely in residentia, industrial and commercial generators. Our generator technicians demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in generator installation, service, maintenance and repair. As the local authority on generators, we have a unique skill set that enables us to accurately diagnose issues with your existing generator and provide you with repair services that can extend its life. Our generator specialists have earned an excellent reputation among NJ residents and business owners for accurately assessing the backup power needs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and recommending the most efficient emergency power generator solutions to meet those needs. As a Kohler Titanium Dealer, we're certified to provide installation and service for Kohler generators and are one of the only sources of Kohler generators in New Jersey. Each of our fully licensed factory-authorized technicians has the experience and specialized skills to maintain and service equipment from all major generator brands, regardless of who originally installed your generator. We're proud to be a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing professional generator services and honest, dependable customer service.

Dependability You Can Count On!

When you can't afford to have your daily routine disrupted by power outages, count on Northeast Generators to provide you with top-quality backup generator installation, maintenance and repairs that keep your family or business up and running regardless of the weather.

Residential Generator Specialists

For over a decade, residents and rental properties, apartment buildings, and group home property managers in New Jersey have depended on the backup generator specialists from Northeast Generators to provide them with top-notch home backup generator installations, maintenance, service and repair. At Northeast, our generator experts recognize that crucial for you to keep your family or the people living in your residential building warm and comfortable. If you have newborns, small children, or elderly residents, having a backup power source is especially important. Loss of electricity, heat and air conditioning can cause food to spoil and pipes to freeze, crack and burst, leading to expensive and time-consuming repairs. Appliances, medical equipment, and cars that require electricity for charging can become useless and unavailable in an emergency. Working from home can become impossible if the strain on the power grid caused by more virtual workers becomes untenable and leads to a significant power outage. The house generator specialists at Northeast are dedicated to providing you with a full line of backup generator services that give you peace of mind of knowing that you and your family will have access to power regardless of the weather.

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Commercial Generator Specialists

Since 2011, New Jersey nursing homes, medical centers, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, and other businesses have depended on the team of generator experts from Northeast Generators for top-rated commercial backup generator installation, maintenance, service and repair. As a business owner, you can't risk unexpected business shutdowns, loss of refrigerated inventory, or medical emergencies resulting from extended power disruptions. Safeguard your business against unexpected power loss that could cause medical or financial crises. Local area businesses rely on the commercial generator contractors from Northeast Generators to provide them with a full line of backup generator service that helps them ensure business continuity.

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Why Home and Business Owners Choose Northeast Generators

Throughout New Jersey home and business owners rely on the generator technicians from Northeast Generators to install top-rated emergency generators and provide them with the most dependable generator maintenance, service and repair. Local home and business owners know they can depend on our generator company for the most reliable backup power systems!

Generator Specialists

Unlike electricians, plumbers, and HVAC contractors, Northeast Generators has over a decade of experience focusing solely on generator installations, maintenance, service and repair. As an authority on emergency generators, we rely on our extensive experience to recognize when a generator can be repaired instead of replaced. Our team has the specialized knowledge and skills to repair your generator quickly and effectively to extend its life and help you avoid unnecessary generator replacement costs.

Expert Equipment Installation

Home and business owners in your New Jersey neighborhood depend on us to expertly install top-quality Kohler generators for their residential and commercial buildings.

Worry-Free Maintenance and Repairs

Our skill set extends far beyond oil changes and enables us to offer you an array of maintenance and repair services that help keep your generator in top shape so it can provide you with emergency power when you need it most. For your convenience, we carry various parts on our truck that often enable us to make repairs right away. We offer load bank testing and remote monitoring on all generators we install that allows us to recognize generator functionality issues and address the problems before they become emergencies.

All Major Brands

Did you know that even if your contractor or electrician installs your emergency backup generator, you need to have the initial start-up performed by a factory-authorized technician to provide you with the most coverage from your warranty? Unlike most electricians, all Northeast Generators technicians are factory trained and authorized to perform initial generator start-ups and service on all major generator equipment brands. We can also help you select a service plan that will fit your home or business needs. Plus, as New Jersey's main Kohler Titanium dealer, we're among a select group of generator specialists who have achieved Kohler's highest ranking and are one of the only sources in NJ for Kohler generators.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your friends and neighbors recommend our team of generator technicians not only for its superior technical skills but also for its dedication to excellent customer service. Northeast's dependable backup generator technicians go out of their way to ensure that our customers are happy with their thorough, detail-oriented work. Because we're dedicated to providing you with prompt and efficient maintenance and service for your generator, we use state-of-the-art communication software that enables us to email or text you seasonal maintenance reminders and automated appointment updates. As a small, family-run business, Northeast Generators has an outstanding reputation among local home and business owners for honest, consistent pricing and professionalism.

24-Hour Emergency Service

The Northeast Generators team is there for you in your time of need, offering 24/7 emergency repair service for your residential or commercial backup power generator.

Be Prepared for the Next Storm

Generating Peace of Mind Since 2011

If you want to help protect your family or business from the unnecessary expenses, medical emergencies, property loss, and inconvenience that an unexpected, prolonged power outage can cause, depend on Northeast Generators to provide you with top-notch emergency power generator installation, maintenance, service, and repairs.

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